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Smoked Red Jalapeños 

::Good Clean Fair Food For All (Los Angeles)::

A red jalapeno. It’s really just a green jalapeno left to ripen until seeds have matured and flesh has changed to red. They’re like tiny alarms sounding off the end of a growing season. When our Aztec ancestors saw these signs they knew they’d only have a handful of days left with the summer heat. Many chiles can be air-dried once red then stored throughout the year. The beloved jalapeno, however, cannot. It’s too weighed down with wetness. It’s flesh rots before it can be thoroughly air-dried. Legend has it that these Aztec stewards figured out how to use the smoky heat from their fire to speed up the drying process. They smoked all sorts of things. One of their greatest smoked gifts to us is the Chipotle Pepper (a smoked jalapeno). They’re smoky and spicy with a touch of fruity sweetness. A smoke-dried red jalapeno can be stored throughout eternity as is or preserved in a vinegary adobo sauce and used at the ready. And just like that stale jar of paprika on your shelf dried chiles from the supermarket can be old and flavorless. Here in LA we have access to our own regional spice trade. In addition to the bounty that comes out of Mexico, local farmers are growing delightful varieties of chile pepper these days. I promise that once you dry and store your own peppers in you’ll never go back to those faded dust packs of “chili flakes” ever again. Pizza thanks you in advance. Now, I don’t have a dehydrator, let it be known. I do have an old oven with a pilot light. I leave my red chiles on a rack in the oven with plenty of air circulation and then forget about them for a day or so. It’s pretty easy to turn your oven into a dehydration machine. After I smoked these peppers for over 4 hours in an outdoor smoker (or you can use any grill) they still had some moisture so I finished them off in my oven until dry and rigid. Store them in an airtight container to evenly distribute any remaining moisture. These bad boys will add hazy summer sunshine to beans, stews and sauces all winter long.

::Good Clean Fair Food For All (Los Angeles)::

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